Friday Feature Track: “My Service Isn’t Needed Anymore” by Caleb Stine

Caleb Stine is the perfect musician to provide a Friday Feature track.  Caleb provides music that fits like 2 year old work gloves, it is not only familiar but feels like you have always had (and needed) these songs.  To listen to Stine and not mention that echoes of Townes Van Zandt are heard in his music would be complete misdirection in the style of music here.  While there are many artists that would provide a cover of a Townes track to show you the influence on them, Stine provides his own songs to place beside some of the greats of Townes – this is honest and damn good Americana.

While this post is featuring the promotional track of “My Service Isn’t Needed Anymore”, there are numerous tracks that stand out like “The Last Curtain Call”, “When She Comes” and “Ain’t Nobody” that will soon to be counted on as Stine classics (this being his 5th full length album).  Essentially I really like this album and it actually caught me a little off-guard and out of nowhere…but I am glad I found it because it has quickly become an old friend.  Listen below;

“My Service Isn’t Needed Anymore” – Caleb Stine

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p.s.  Don’t think the “Small Sur” t-shirt wasn’t lost on me either…this guy does little wrong!