Caleb Stine gets traditional on upcoming project and finds himself “Off Broadway”

Woody Guthrie Dreams - A Play by Michael Patrick F Smith

Caleb Stine is someone that is no stranger to Slowcoustic and has a history of bringing excellent folk/country/bluegrass songs to light.  This specific track below is considered “traditional” and I am not sure who it is officially credited to, but Caleb gives ’em a run for their money.

The song, ‘Red Rocking Chair’, is going to be part of an upcoming album of both Woody Guthrie and Traditional songs entitled “The Songs of Woody and Cisco” which in itself is connected to the current off Broadway production that Caleb is part of!  The production is appropriately called ‘Woody Guthrie Dreams’ and takes place in the last challenging moments of Guthrie’s life.  You can find more information on it here and check a promo shot below.

Mike Jenn Caleb - Woodie Guthries Dreams

And now, how about that song?

Please enjoy the track, its a good one.  For other great tracks from Caleb – take a look at two previous posts here and here.

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