Albums of 2010 that I Missed: Del Barber’s “Love Songs For The Last Twenty”

So I was going to do a “Calgary Concert Alert” as I saw Del Barber was going to be at the Ironwood here in Calgary this weekend…but apparently he isn’t.  Thank you very much Pollstar concert listings!  But then as I was gearing up to put a quick something together on the show, I realized I didn’t actually do a post on Del Barber’s most recent album “Love Songs for the last 20”.  Bad, bad Canadian (also from Winnipeg) music blogger.

I am no stranger to Del’s music (see previous mentions here and here) and I knew he had a new album, but with how things go, I simply missed out on at least a mention.  Well, better late than never I guess.  So Del Barber has a new album!

The album was released last June and continues on Del’s penchant for rootsy on the road Canadiana.  Yes Canadiana…its like Americana but comes with Canadian subject matter, locations, descriptions and it simply sounds like a great description for it.  Admittedly I haven’t given this album to truly enough listening to truly review or comment intelligently on it but it does stand up to the listening so far and I am punching myself now for not listening earlier.  Of the album so far, I prefer the pining tracks which he performs beautifully with such songs like “Katy Sparrow”, “62 Richmond”, “Miles and Years” and the duet “Love Song For the Last 20”.  He even has a prairie drawl if you listen, really great open range tunes.  But Del isn’t afraid to kick it up a notch and put some songs that I am sure to provide the extra something for his live shows.  Which is something I am not seeing this weekend.  Thanks again Pollstar.

Regardless, for a listen of the song Chicago, simply click below (courtesy of Craig over at Songs:Illinois – another Canadian album he posted on before me…).

“Chicago” – Del Barber, from 2010’s “Love Songs For the Last Twenty”

Bonus tracks previously posted:

“Where the City Ends”

from the FANTASTIC 2009 album “Where The City Ends”

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p.s.  Hey you Winnipeg peeps, don’t think “62 Richmond” is lost on me!  Lyric: “At a bus stop, confusion’s got him cornered…” nice, very nice.

p.p.s. Also, I am not having a stroke, I know I go back and forth with “20” and “twenty” – Album art is “20” vs song names are tagged “twenty”, so there.  ;-)