Del Barber – “Where the City Ends”

Okay I am not going to lie to you here…I am partial to Del Barber.  I have never met Del, or even spoken to him face to face, but alas I got this guys back.  Why you ask?  He is a good old ‘pegger!

For those of you who are unaware of the term “pegger”, it is because you have not enjoyed a bone chilling winter and humid heat filled summer in Winnipeg.  Yes, Del is currently in Winnipeg living the life of a prairie town talent.  Winnipeg is quite well known for its arts scene despite (or due to) it’s location and Del, who’s music I am recently acquainted with, is one of those true talents.  In correspondence with Del, he is a real guy just playing his folk tunes in great Canadiana style (yes, Canadiana, not Americana – although they just might be the same).

“Where the City Ends” is receiving finishing touches and awaiting an early snowfall release (hopefully this November/December).  From what I have heard, it is classic countrified folk tunes written from a small town boy at heart – stories of his city, prairie homes, conversations and finding one’s place in the world.  In looking over the lyrics for “Harvest”, you may think of a farm boy looking for his way in the world or a greater truth in it all – it’s not just love and loss here.  While songwriting is a huge aspect of Barber, I think it can be lost without the music to back it up and his style of acoustic country is perfect, it almost begs to have you sit back on the porch and listen.

While I can lean towards sparse and at time lo-fi folk recordings, Barber brings well crafted songs that are skillfully written and built like a story that you want to read.  One other item is his voice, it just fits…it is the voice of a performer, not hidden behind lush soundscapes or coming in beneath the surface of a song.  His voice can actually carry a song, which can be refreshing in this new world swimming with singer-songwriters.

I hope you feel the same way, but after a few listens of “Harvest” and “Where the City Ends” I believe you will be sold as well.  I wish I could give you a link to buy some of Del Barber’s work, but you will have to visit his MySpace page for now and travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba this winter for a CD Release!

Wait alongside me for that early snowfall and the sounds of a prairie winter, won’t you?