Lest We Forget – Previous Post Follow Ups – Nathan Xander, Del Barber & His Name Shall Breathe!

Don’t forget about the past and things you once loved or enjoyed immensely.  In this fast paced world, we can move past things too quickly and honestly not always give everyone/everything all the time it deserves.  I have decided to start a post series that I will go back and do a “where are they now?” or “Whats new with that guy/girl/group?” sort of post.  I will tag it as “Artists Revisited” if you are interested.

I think as a music blogger, I tend to cover soo much music that I end up liking too much stuff and then simply end up finding the next artist too quickly.  I also sort my iTunes library by “date added” so the newer I find you, the closer you are to the top.  So by this method of sorting my music alone, every time somebody else makes it to my ears, the previous album gets pushed down that same list.  Let’s also get serious, I can’t possibly listen to as much music as I have available to me.  This alone makes me think of previous posts and I often revisit and spin the album a few more times or look for something new by that person or group because I just might not have spent enough time on them.  Below is what I figured out the other day.

  1. I posted on Del Barber from Winnipeg (I just say “from Winnipeg” as I lived there for 10 years) had his album “Where The City Ends” released this past April!  When I posted there was nothing really for “sale” – so awesome.  Pick it up on iTunes HERE.  Visit him on MySpace for more info.
  2. I posted on Nathan Xander who had a new album out as I was typing the review of his previous album for that very blog post!  So I was a little behind.  The new album is called “The Fear” and you can pick it up on iTunes HERE or get an actual CD via Paypal HERE.  Visit his website for more info.
  3. I posted on His Name Shall Breathe who has a few more tracks available on his Virb Page that I either missed or is new.  Tim is still unsigned – People get on this!!

Now go and take a look at the archives of this blog, go and “shuffle” your music library; there is a lot of good stuff in there that just may need another listen.