New Release of note: “Dead Reckoning” from The Builders and the Butchers

Dead ReckoningThe Builders and the Butchers
“Black Elevator” (mp3)
“Lullaby” (mp3)
from “Dead Reckoning”
(Badman Recording Co)

This one is more a mix of alt rock, blues and folk country, but there is just something about the raw sounds and partial sing-a-longs created by a band such as The Builders and the Butchers.  This is the edgy sounds of foot stompin’ Portland that in my opinion would translate to an amazing live show.  You feel it in the songs of Dead Reckoning.  Take a listen to a couple of tracks on today’s album release of note.

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The Builders and the ButchersThe Builders and the Butchers
“Spanish Death Song” (mp3)
from “The Builders and the Butchers”
(Bladen County Records)

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