Addendum to recent albums releases of note: Loch Lomond / The Builders and the Butchers

Just a quick one to mention that while this post does not have any new tracks, both artists (Loch Lomond & The Builders and the Butchers) had new albums out recently – so why didn’t I mention the split 12″ they did??  [See Slowcoustic mentions of Loch Lomond’s “Little Me Will Start a Storm” HERE and The Builders and the Butchers’ “Dead Reckoning” HERE.]

Maybe this post also came to be because I just set up my turntable again.  Having started listening to vinyl through more than computer speakers mixed with the bands being pretty darn good led to this post…I assume.   Any excuse to recommend buying music, and then music on vinyl, I guess.  You can purchase the split 12″ they did last year from Bladen County Records and my good friends over at Song, by Toad Records.

So nothing really new here, just a couple of great tracks that make for an interesting release (as I wouldn’t normally put these two bands together).  With the whole idea of vinyl having 2 sides to the music might be the best thing for this split 12″ and really makes it work – in particular going from the airy sounds of Loch Lomond to the (at times) fever pitch of The Builders and the Butchers.  Yes, that is what I’m going with.
Split 12 inchLoch Lomond
“Field Report” (mp3)
“When it Rains” (mp3)

from “Split 12 inch”
(Bladen County Records)

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