Song of the Week: “Goodbye (Steve Earle Cover)” by Ryan Tanner

Ryan Tanner Balloon - photo by Jed Wells

This song has been on constant repeat at Slowcoustic HQ.  Why?  Because it is absolutely stunning.  I am not overly familiar with the original but I fear that I might prefer the cover…is that really so wrong?

Well it might be wrong if you ask Ryan Tanner due to Steve Earle figuring predominantly in the “hero” category around Ryan Tanner HQ.  Well, we agree to disagree on the immensely powerful cover of “Goodbye” performed here.  While I have heard some live versions of the song by Steve Earle back in the day, they are also damn good (and possibly with a bit more twang than Tanner provides) but I stand strong with the fact that this song can stand on its own.  That is really all you can ask for a cover/tribute song – that it stands on its own.  Ryan Tanner’s “Goodbye” stands taller than most.

I recommend you start keeping an eye on this award winning songwriter’s solo persona (he was formerly in the band Atherton who enjoyed their fair share of notability).  While he is new to me, I plan on listening to him as much as possible – new album is due this year, which is great news.

Best new find in my book.  The new find, once again, brought to me from Adrian (my web brother) from I Pick My Nose Blog – cheers Adrian.  Let’s listen to the song that started this ramble.

“Goodbye (Steve Earle Cover)” – Ryan Tanner

Find more on Ryan Tanner on his Website, Twitter and his blog!


*All photos on this post by Jed Wells