Ryan Tanner releases Seven Years – Acoustic EP

Ryan Tanner - Seven Years

Ryan Tanner - Seven Years

I’ve been keeping my eye on Ryan Tanner ever since he floored me with his great cover of ‘Goodbye’ from Steve Earle – it ended up being song of the week as song of the day just wasn’t doing it justice.  Well I realized that he just released an EP of acoustic tracks just this week!  The EP is very reminiscent of early Ryan Adams or at least of the sound that made Ryan Adams an ‘alt-country’ darling.  These tracks are fully acoustic (aptly named EP then…) and are gorgeous slices of life via Tanner’s penchant for writing great songs.

While I have heard two of the 8 tracks previously, the other 6 solidified that I will be continuing my stalking of his output in the years to come.  The two songs below are great sad bastard songs, ‘Mama, Please Don’t Give Up On Me’ & ‘Salt Lake City Rain’ and speak to the weight of this EP (a pretty lengthy EP at that coming in at almost 32 minutes).  The songs are hushed, the vocals soft and waning at times and combined to the casual acoustic strumming, you are forced to slow down immediately…and in fact feel the urge to stop fully and listen.  You should listen…now.


Swing by and visit Ryan and pick up this recommended EP today on his Bandcamp page.  Visit him on his Website and follow on Twitter.

BONUS: ‘Goodbye (Steve Earle Cover)”