Friday Quick Hitters: Arborea, Kill County (again), Chris Bathgate (again) & Joel P West

Bruce Lee, THE quick hitter

Just a set of quick hitters today as I prepare for a busy day of avoiding my wife’s obsession of the Royal Wedding.  ;-)

I thought I would post a track from each of the bands mentioned above as they either have a new album, I have been listening more than normal or both.  Let’s be honest, it is probably both.  Firstly, Arborea has a new album out!
Red PlanetArborea
“Careless Love” (mp3)
from “Red Planet”
(Strange Attractors Audio House)

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Arborea have been around the Slowcoustic HQ for a while now and if you have a hankering for almost other-worldly atmospheric folk, then you need not go any further.  With crushingly beautiful vocals from Shanti Curran and the arrangement of partner Buck Curran, you can’t go wrong with a lush soundscape created from the duo.  Check out the lead off track “Careless Love” above.


Okay, I just posted on Kill County but I have really started listening and this album is blowing up for me.  I have a bit of a soft spot for down on your luck country and whether or not the subject matter matches, the album “The Year of Getting By” just hits that damn spot.  I actually ordered the vinyl album as I love that hand screened artwork as well (from doe-eyed design) – can’t wait to spin this album!   Listen to the absolutely killer “Western Town” below (free download on their bandcamp page).


Next we have a regular around these parts in Chris Bathgate.  He is just finishing up his Salt Year Michigan tour after releasing his album this past week – and it was well worth the multi year wait.  See our post on it earlier this week here.  I wanted to post again as the album ‘officially’ has 11 tracks, but if you purchase from his store (here) you get two additional bonus tracks and they just cap off this album with the slowed down beauty that it deserves.  Both the tracks “Holy Storm” and “Strawflower’s Waltz” deserve their time and hence you should pick up the album already!  Listen to Holy Storm below:


Lastly we have Joel P West, or as you might know him, that lead singer guy from The Tree Ring.  Well, I was introduced to the Tree Ring for their amazing track “Wore it Deep” from their Generous Shadows album (see our post here).  Well, I take direction well so when a reader posted in the comments to look into Joel P West, I did and found his ‘Dust Jacket’ album/project and wanted to share a track from it that has been soundtracking my commute for a full week – picture me in traffic singing this song aloud…yes, when songs are this catchy you can’t not sing aloud to it.  Listen to the song below:

Joel P West - Dust Jacket Cover

“28th & NE Davis” by Joel P West (Full Album on Bandcamp)
(original information about the ‘sharing’ project)


There you have a quick hitters for this Friday – enjoy, pass it along and visit the artists!


p.s.  What did ya think of the Bruce Lee ‘Quick Hitter’ reference…dude was kinda quick….I guess…