Video AND Song of the Day: “Wore It Deep” by The Tree Ring

I get a lot musical recommendations on a daily basis.  Honestly at least 60% of them are just that, a musical recommendation.  They are simple recommendations that are music – not necessarily something I will like or find soothing to my slowcoustical ears.  But sometimes you get recommendations from those that actually know you and hand pick something for you that they know you will enjoy.  And its beautiful.

The other day this happened to me from good friend Adrian who you may know from his blog “I Pick My Nose” that was formerly based out of San Francisco – always a great place to find music.  Well he was on a bit of a sabbatical from his blog and he is now back in North America (but you should see his photos of South Africa!) and he is firing over recommendations to me and The Tree Ring were one.  Adrian is good people.

Soooo, then Song AND Video of the day!  Yes, its true.  I actually watched the video first and then followed up with the album version of the song – while the video catches the magic of the song, the “studio” version is still a more than worthy listen.  It is a wide open song that is soft & sparse in feel but full of beautiful strings, xylophone and percussion.  At its heart the song is truly focused on the dance between the cello’s waning and the pining vocals of Joel P. West.  Simply stunning (if not a bit melodramatic…in a good way!).



Enjoy this beautiful song and swing by the band’s website, Bandcamp and Facebook.