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Brown Bird - The Bottom of the Sea

Album Revisited: Brown Bird’s “The Bottom of the Sea”

Brown Bird - The Bottom of the Sea

Just listening once again to this album this morning.  A stark, acoustic morning.  It’s quiet, understated and meant to curl around you, clutch onto you and become part of you.

I know there is a new album out from Brown Bird (Salt for Salt – see here) – but this previous album, along with earlier albums such as Tautology, Such Unrest and even the Split EP with Annie Palmer always bring a certain sound out of this artist for me.  The sound that I adore, the sound that calms and brings the performer and listener close.  This is my Brown Bird.

Released in mid 2008 and including 14 tracks sequenced on the album in the order they were written, it comes in as one of my favourite albums of 2008 and the last decade.  This is something that should be in your collection at a minimum.  Check out that aforementioned track listing and a little sample.

1. my daddy’s a preacher
2. lioness
3. coward
4. david and bethsheba
5. colfax
6. the brokedown palace of my head
7. a ghost of myself
8. mama made a man out of daddy
9. i knew you were evil
10. black rivers
11. amelia earhart
12. the ice and snow haunt me still (mp3)
13. black sea
14. i was blind

Feature tracks are #s 2, 9, 12, 13 but overall it is a complete album listen for full effect.  Purchase it today via Peapod Recordings HERE.


p.s.  Bonus track from a live session back in early 2007 with Folk The System! – “Such Unrest (Live on Folk the System!)”  <—THIS IS AWESOME







2 responses to “Album Revisited: Brown Bird’s “The Bottom of the Sea””

  1. Win Avatar

    this whole album is amazing, though seeing them when they were a 5 piece on tour for ‘The Devil Dancing’ was one raucous affair. you didn’t mention it, take it you aren’t a fan of that album