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Joel P West - Shoulder Seasons

Joel P West releases new EP ‘Shoulder Seasons’

Front Page Banner photo of Joel P West from the fantastic ‘The Visual Theory Blog’ (Visit)
Joel P West - Shoulder Seasons

Very happy to find in my twitter feed about a new release from Joel P West (frontman of The Tree Ring – see a post on them here) and I want to assure you right now that my excitement for new material was well warranted!

There is something about West’s voice that makes me want to join in (and utterly destroy what he has going on mind you) as his timbre just works for these rich textures of acoustic goodness.  The ‘Shoulder Seasons’ EP is 5 tracks recorded just last month and were officially released on his Bandcamp page on Nov. 24th.  As the EP is an acoustic affair, I don’t want you to think it is “stark” & “lonely”, but actually quite full of rich sounding layers of strings…and again that voice over it all.  West gets a bit of help from an outside string section for the closing track ‘We’ll Learn Them Soon’ that is featured below as a perfect closing song and to match it, the opening track ‘Desperate, Desperate’ is also included.  The EP is a must have for a measly $5.00.

So swing on by his Website for more info on Mr. West & Bandcamp Page HERE to pick up the new EP, check out his film Score for The Room Behind The Fireplace and do not forget his Dust Jacket project from a few years back.




2 responses to “Joel P West releases new EP ‘Shoulder Seasons’”

  1. Rhys Avatar

    You can sing Cults’ “Go Outside” quite happily over the verse of “Desperate, Desperate”.

  2. Adrian Avatar

    I really like this EP. I’ve been listening to it a lot. Definitely worth the $5.