Ghosts I’ve Met record EP “The Light Opera”

Seattle based singer songwriter Sam Watts (Ghosts I’ve Met) has a new EP he has available at his live shows.  The EP “The Light Opera” has just started in rotation over at Local legend/radio station KEXP as well, so keep an ear out there as well.  The collection of tracks can be purchased from Sam directly if you are not able to make a local show (please email us and we can get you in touch if you were looking to pick up a copy) and it is still so new that it has no artwork!

The EP was recorded earlier this year at a Lakehouse in Leavenworth, Washington with Ghosts I’ve Met recording/live performance regulars Bill Patton (yes that Bill Patton) and Faustine Hudson.

We do have a track to share with you courtesy of Mr. Watts and it is true to form with his airy acoustic performance but with one addition…there is some percussion working its way into the mix here…not out of the question for this particular “folk” artist but GIM has traditionally gone light or without the element.  I like the sense of purpose it gives the track, if not a small jolt of gravitas if I had to say!  Enjoy.

“Dark Blue Sound”  – Ghosts I’ve Met, from the EP ‘The Light Opera’

Find more Ghosts I’ve Met on Bandcamp and over on Yer Bird Records.