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Long May You Run, J. Tillman Revisited – Part II

Long May You Run, J. Tillman Insert
Long May You Run, J. Tillman Insert

Here we are at the second part of our Long May You Run, J. Tillman Cover Project! I certainly hope last Friday’s “Part I” hit the spot and ensured that you returned for the rest.

I thought I would include the above image as it is the original insert and provides a bit of background on the album. The handwritten card lets you find out about the recording and even explains the album’s title. We also find out why this album retains a lot of the original demo atmosphere – the fact that it didn’t have an opportunity to be mastered by Kory Kruckenburg (who does excellent work, so I am almost torn on what could have been). The more you know, kids.

To start, we have the opening track on the album, Two Years On Film, as told by Andy Abelow. This is one of two songs that will “feature” Andy because he also plays in the band Small Sur who you will also hear later on this week.

More Info on Andy Abelow: soundcloud.com/andyabelow  |  andyabelow.bandcamp.com/


Next we have Lotte Kestner with her version of Ties That Bind. Long time fan of Lotte Kestner at Slowcoustic and her cover-song does not disappoint. She has also let us know that we just may find a new video of her performing this song show up via her YouTube account this week, so keep an eye out.

More Info on Lotte Kestner: facebook.com/lottekestner | lottekestner.tumblr.com/

Side note: She also has an excellent new album entitled The Bluebird of Happiness that is released tomorrow (see more/purchase here).


Finally we have Psalmships performing the track Before We Retire. When Joshua Britton who records as Psalmships sent me the track he indicated that he felt it was possibly a bit haunting. This 7 1/2 minute track creeps into you and haunts you exactly the way it is supposed to.

More Info on Psalmships: facebook.com/psalmships | psalmships.bandcamp.com/


So remember, all covers to date can be found here: Long May You Run, J. Tillman Revisited Page

You can find the original J. Tillman album via iTunes: iTunes

A reprint on CD can be found via Fargo Records in France: Fargo Records Store

More covers continue through Friday. All week, all Tillman.

~Sandy (Smansmith)


One response to “Long May You Run, J. Tillman Revisited – Part II”

  1. Pete Avatar

    This is rad! I dig everything about J. Tillman and this cover project makes me happy. Thanks for this.