Damien Jurado – original photo by Adrian Bischoff

Today marks the actual end of our Cover Project for Damien Jurado – last Friday was the ‘official’ end but today marks the actual end. Or something like that. We always knew both The Black Atlantic and Hezekiah Jones were submitting a song but with The Black Atlantic flying all over the globe and Raphael of Hezekiah Jones getting married, they were given a grace period for their submissions. And hot damn, I am glad because the few extra days wait was more than worth it.


The Black Atlantic came across my ears years ago with their ‘out of nowhere’ album Reverence For Fallen Trees (which is still an all time favourite of mine) and while they are slowly growing their sound, they have always provided quality product. Originally more traditional folk, they have been moving to be a bit more electronic, experimental and essentially growing on their very solid folk roots. With the cover of Damien Jurado’s Arkansas, they have really out done themselves as well. I say this as someone who doesn’t always do well with change and/or songs that might actually NOT be for the sad bastard set. So when I hear one that might be a bit more ‘fun’ and ‘upbeat’ and I actually really like it, it is something in my books.

Geert, Kim, Simon and Brian really brought out an entirely new song here and recorded it during their recent stay in Los Angeles. Kudos boys.

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p.s. You can hear the solo cover by Kim Janssen of The Black Atlantic on Part II of this series HERE.


Now we have Philadelphia’s Hezekiah Jones with their incredible tribute to the Jurado song Shannon Rhodes.  I am personally a bit biased when it comes to Hezekiah Jones as we work with them over at Yer Bird Records but I am consistently amazed by the beauty that Raphael Cutrufello creates (who is officially ‘Hezekiah Jones’ of the entire Jones troupe that record under the moniker of HJ).  Then, there is the layers brought in by the many players of the Philly folk scene that don’t always get mentioned – read the members section on their Facebook page to get an idea of all the contributors to what effectively is ‘Hezekiah Jones’.  Kevin Killen who helped with the Small Houses cover song (here) both mixed and played on this track as well – cheers Kevin!  Listen to Shannon Rhodes as performed by the Joneses below;

Visit Hezekiah Jones on their Facebook Page | Yer Bird Records

p.s. If you are a real fan of the song, you may notice some personalization in the lyrics…just sayin’.


I hope you enjoyed the covers today as well as the four days last week!

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