New on the ‘nets this week

So what’s going on out there, what little gifts of news and music do we have?  I often get to neglecting the internet for things beyond my control and miss out – so if anyone wants to assist, send me something you think is Slowcoustic News-worthy and maybe we can post it here each Saturday.  Just email with your news.  After that request for part time help here on Slowcoustic – I bring what I have found or noticed this week below;

  1. Before the news starts – did you check out the blog rankings for last week?  I think not (as even I almost missed it) – but yours truly hit the #32 for the week.  Hey for a 2 month old blog, that is pretty nice – isn’t it?
  2. My good friends over at You Crazy Dreamers have made me a believer of Aaron Espe with their recent post.  Wow, I missed this guy completely – so if you are like me and about the acoustic singer-songwriter – head over for a listen!
  3. The new album from Frontier Ruckus “The Orion Songbook” is available on eMusic as a pre-release item.  This means on eMusic you get it before it hits the street – I picked up a copy last weekend.  The reworkings of their previous demos and releases to create this album is definitely worth a purchase.  Pick it up here.
  4. Mangum???? The mystery continues on the ever elusive character.  A little overhyped, but that is why we LOVE him.  Just provide me with a completely solo, acoustic only, hushed version of “Oh Comely” and I will provide you with anything in my possession of value.
  5. One of my new great reads (that includes some good music almost as a bonus) – is – check out one of the latest posts that is capped off with Dylan and King Creosote.  Sweet.

I thought I would change it up a bit and post a track by someone who might not be considered truly Slowcoustic in her stylings.  Jes Kramer is a great indie-electroacoustic performer (often a one woman band with such a full sound, it is amazing).  The song I selected is from her upcoming release “Mint Extract City” and is simply Jes and her keyboard, it is called “You Never Lost Me” – her voice is intoxicating, so honest it hurts.  She can be found on MySpace and Virb – so go be her friend, listen to her “Casio-style” and pick up an album!