Frontier Ruckus release Orion Songbook Double Vinyl! Slowcoustic falls to knees, weeps joyously…

The Orion Songbook

This makes me VERY happy.  The double LP release of one of last year’s best albums released by anyone, anywhere – yeah I said it.  Frontier Ruckus’ “The Orion Songbook” is now available on dual vinyl!!

I just ordered my copy via Lower Peninsula Records and absolutely cannot wait.  If you are a fan of the kind of folk that rouses you from your sad pathetic existence and allows you to find yourself howling along with every track, then you now have purpose.  Whether you are hitting the banjo laden melancholy ballads to the banjo laden marches through folk-ville, you now have purpose.  Did I mention the amazing banjo on this record?

Of note for the vinyl release the fourth side of this gate-fold package comes with 6 bonus tracks titled “Way Upstate & the Crippled Summer, pt. 1″*.  The album comes with download card as well with even a bonus of a two-sided 11×17 poster…nice little collectors edition going on here.

Take a look at the track listing and enjoy a couple of tracks from it!

Side 1

1. Animals Need Animals
2. The Latter Days
3. What You Are
4. Dark Autumn Hour
5. Mount Marcy

Side 2

6. The Blood
7. Bethlehem
8. Foggy Lilac Windows
9. Orion Town 2 (MP3)

Side 3

10. The Back-Lot World
11. Rosemont
12. Orion Town 3
13. Adirondack Amish Holler
14. The Deep-Yard Dream

*Side 4

1. One-Story-Carport-Houses
2. The Great Laketown
3. Ann Arbortown
4. Mohawk, New York
5. Driving Home, Christmas Eve
6. Abigail (MP3)

Visit the creme of the crop from the Michigan scene at their Website (love their site) and Reverbnation (stream some songs why don’t you).
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