Andrew Bryant’s “Galilee” makes me a believer

Galilee cover

I have waited on this one, and I don’t know why.  The new album from Andrew Bryant came out July 9th, 2009 and is Bryant’s 5th release to date.  This album is right at the top of my indie folk rock stack of releases, and for good reason.

So this stack of indie folk rock that I have – it actually isn’t that big, but this is not a dig at Bryant’s “Galilee” – not by a long shot.  I say this as I tend to not really get too deep into the “rock” aspect of “folk”, but Andrew Bryant drags me there kicking and screaming which ends up being toe tapping and singing after I get there.  While the album has enough “electric” guitar, it definitely brings the acoustic along for the ride.  This ride includes the haunting, wavering and stunning folk ballads such as “Here I am Today” and “Third Person” (my favourite track on the album).  You also get slow burning country rock with tunes like “Cartwheel” and “Raise Your Fist” balanced with the southern gothic of “He Started to Run” and “The Mystery”.  These tracks are almost insights into the life of a man finding the dark part of himself and digging through the blood and guts of it all.  Soo good.  I picture the journey at mid-point by looking at the album cover above – you know there is beauty, but there is just enough to get your hands dirty, ya know?

From his press on Magnolia State – this IS what Andrew Bryant is:

“…Bryant’s music blends the traditional elements typically found in folk, rock and blues songs. However, on Galilee Bryant plays the loud louder and the soft softer – creating an album of songs that flow like a river along an untraced American landscape.”

Bryant just finished a kick ass tour with another Slowcoustic favourite: Theodore (see post here), that spanned the entire month of July in promotion of the new album – one show I definitely would have wanted to hit.  His MySpace only shows one upcoming show in October in Tennessee – if only Tennessee was closer than a few thousand miles…..check out a couple of tracks from the album below.

“Chicago Wind”

Visit Andrew Bryant on his Website and his MySpace Page or even on Twitter.

Pick up an album on iTunes, Amazon or get the vinyl from Magnolia State (recommended).