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Couple of new tracks from Carl Hauck and Leonard Mynx for your Saturday

First off we have a new track from Carl Hauck called “Windjammer” – it is the title track to his upcoming November album.  You might remember Hauck from a couple of posts we previously had (see here and here) and as expected we are getting some fine acoustic goodness.  This one is pretty light and airy (no pun intended) and may seem too delicate to some.  But wait, Hauck is starting to incorporate some strings, and keyboards and it adds a layer of completeness to a singer songwriter styled song.  Can’t wait for this one!

“Windjammer” – Carl Hauck, from the upcoming “Windjammer” album (Nov. 2010)

Visit Carl Hauck on Bandcamp, Facebook and MySpace


We also have someone who has seen these pages in Leonard Mynx.  We recently had his great duet with Laura Gibson (see the video on his site here) as our “featured video” for a few weeks.  Now we have his “Song With No Name” which comes off as pretty Americana for Mynx and I like what he is doing here – even with it being molasses slow Americana (as it should be).  Great stuff.

“Song With No Name” – Leonard Mynx, from his 2010 Bad Panda single

Visit Leonard Mynx on his Website, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  Find more info about this track and an interview with Mynx on Bad Panda here.




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3 responses to “Couple of new tracks from Carl Hauck and Leonard Mynx for your Saturday”

  1. Justin B Avatar

    Woo Carl Hauck!

    (There’s a typo at the end of Carl’s: “Hauch” -> “Hauck”)

  2. Andrew Plan Avatar

    Thanks for posting this! Never heard of the two, but I really like what I hear. Hypnotic picking patterns :)