The Tree Ring: Hike-In Show

The Tree Ring: Hike-In Show

The Tree Ring - Hike-In Show

Last year’s “Generous Shadows” from The Tree Ring was a personal favourite.  With songs (and videos) like ‘Wore It Deep’ they certainly prove a sense of imagination, beauty and essentially great song-crafting.  Well yesterday one of my online brothers (Adrian from I Pick My Nose Blog) gave me the heads up on a new video from The Tree Ring from a recent “Hike-In Show” they performed that is of a new track from a new upcoming album.  You gotta watch and fall in love with TTR all over again.

THE TREE RING: HIKE-IN SHOW from Destin Daniel Cretton on Vimeo.

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P.S.  Lead singer Joel P West also has some solo stuff worth checking out – see a couple of posts we had here and here.