Battery In Your Leg’s inner struggle to figure out 2009 ends up with a plethora of “bests”!

On 18 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Day 9 arrives on the Best of 2009 Blogger crew and it brings with it a Friday post with Battery In Your Leg. Sean from BIYL finds that an issue that many bloggers toss around this time of year...

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I Pick My Nose Blog shares his Best Personal Music Moments from 2009

On 17 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Day 8 is upon us and Adrian from I Pick My Nose Blog (who incidentally is responsible for my favourite "bootleg" recording by any musician ever...) tells of his favourite moments in music performance from this past year.

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Overheard at Knox Road Blog’s HQ: “2009 provided great music……for the ’90s!”

On 16 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Well, well, well. Here we are at Day 7 of this whole festive season/end of year blogger "best of" and Knox Road have dropped by.

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It All Started With Carbon Monoxide ends the year with 5 musical releases from 2009 you can’t live without

On 15 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Day 6 of "Bests" continue on with a return visitor from last years crew, It All Started With Carbon Monoxide! Agnes from way over in Australia brings you what we all crave - great music, period.

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Love Shack, Baby tells you how 2009 can still make you weak in the knees

On 14 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Day 5 of "Best of 2009" Blogger crew (see what I did there with that picture above) and today we have TartyTart from over at Love Shack, Baby out of the windy city. If anyone knows tart...

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Tsururadio gets writer’s block, gets mad at concert goers and discovers a lovely redhead supplied one of the best albums of the 00’s

On 11 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Day 4 of the "Best of 2009" blogger series brings you a stream of consciousness so to speak. Ever sit there and think to yourself and realize it ended up written down in front of you?

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