New on the ‘Nets This Week – New Blogger Edition (ish)

Here we are back to the “New on the ‘Nets”, sorry for being remiss lately, I think it has been about 2 or 3 weeks!  Tsk, Tsk.

Well this week has a lot going for it, recently picked up some more good folks for the blogroll and while this feature isn’t necessarily always about what is new on my blogroll blogs, but this time it just mostly is.  I do agree that within the “blogger community” there just might be the need for a bit more emphasis on the “community” part, and this past week has shown me just that.  So I am here to say, go on, see what the below blogs are about, imho they are doing the right thing – so let’s see if you agree.


  • If you needed to know anything about indie mecca next week (also known as SXSW) – visit the crew over on Speed of Dark – massive amounts of info and updates, songs and ideas.  Highly recommended and extensive at 5 separate posts!
  • Side One: Track One always has a playlist for you, and don’t be scared, there can even be some diversity in it (something I am still coming to grips with myself on my blog…) – Nice mention of Pree, The Daredevil Christopher Wright among others in the most recent items.
  • AWmusic has some great coverage of Canadian Music Week, and while we tend to not have the turn out of SXSW, we bring quite a healthy cross section of talent.   Check out one of the premium Canadian Bloggers input on it, especially the Calgary talent that in their opinion was a “…definite highlight of the CMW’s” – or as we know him Chad VanGaalen.
  • Stranger Dance out of San Francisco has some nice coverage on who to know with their “Buzz Band Round Up” plus the new video for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – who I will be seeing here in Calgary in less than 2 weeks!
  • Captain Obvious threw out a flurry of posts this past week including some nice coverage of Julie Doiron’s new album, Manchester Orchestra’s old album plus a great “get to know” of the band Other Lives and a new Doug Burr video….Yikes…soo much, soo little time…
  • Non Blog roll (as it isn’t a blog) item:  YerBird Aviary has put up the new Basket of Figs EP – a 4 track release by this Toronto soon-to-be folk icon entitled “Oh Eye, Oh Night”.  It is absolutely great and up there with her original EP (she has a thing for EPs apparently).  Head over to the Aviary, sign up and dig in to both EPs, among numerous others.  Highly Recommended – already my favourite EP of the year!


Today I leave you with a few tracks from the vast expanse that is my inbox – surprisingly not all ridiculous music??!!  No seriously, one of the best reasons for being a blogger is to find out about music that you may have missed – and hopefully I can ensure that you don’t miss out on it either.

To start off, I had to choose my song of the night the other day and obviously could not include two songs – so here is the other song by Eulogies that is also crazy great from their “Homespun Sessions”.

Eulogies – “Bad Connection” (Homespun Sessions)

Also, I tend to lean toward singer songwriters (wow, really?) and always want to give as much support to someone getting out there and doing it.  It also helps when they can carry a tune and are genuine about what they are doing.  It also helps when they are very much talented and end up doing everything on their own to get their music out there: play all the music, record it, finish it, package it, release it.  So who is this young phenom…well it is “Yeti Hands” or David Jordon.  He currently has a new release called “There May Be Giants” and it is 5 tracks of indie pop melancholy that puts him in the upper ranks of the MySpace army of artists.  Swing by his MySpace page to pick up a copy of the EP or even his Self Titled debut EP.

Yeti Hands – “The Future of Pants”
Yeti Hands – “First Place Winter”