More Eulogies Homespun Sessions!

I know I have previously made note of the 5 song EP that is being released by Eulogies in order to lead up to their full length release next month (due on April 7th) of “Here Anonymous“.  It is their “Homespun” Sessions EP and they are releasing a song a week (more or less) leading up to the album release – great idea I must say.  This stripped down version of Eulogies is much appreciated around the halls and corridors of Slowcoustic HQ.  I think My Old Kentucky Blog has an exclusive on them as he has been posting each of them first (lucky S.O.B.!).  But in case you missed the previous two tracks, you can find one HERE and one HERE.  The latest track is “The Fight (I’ve Come To Like)” and is another winner.

If these tracks are any indication, the album is going to be great.  I know that the Homespun sessions may be a bit more up my alley with its acoustic leanings, but hey, I will take it where I can find it.  Click the image below to visit the crew on their Dangerbird label page for more info!

“The Fight (I’ve Come to Like)” – Eulogies’ Homespun Sessions
(highly recommended, hell all of them are highly recommended!)