William Fitzsimmons is “Covered In Snow”. And I’m leaving it all behind me…the snow that is.

On 31 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

I write this to you as I am getting ready to fly away on a jet plane. Yes, I am getting out of this weather in true Canadian form, by going to Mexico before going back to work in January...

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The Parade Schedule

New discovery of lo-fi acoustic goodness: The Parade Schedule

On 30 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

I love finding new music that I was completely oblivious to. Who doesn't? This time I have found the Louisville "band" The Parade Schedule and it was a very welcome surprise indeed.

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Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 11.49.33 AM

My year according to iTunes playcounts (with no cheating)

On 29 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

I thought I would try to break down what I listened to this year for songs that more or less came out in 2009...

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Vic Chesnutt - At The Cut Cover Slice

Vic Chesnutt.

On 27 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

I am sure by now you have all heard that the Athens based artist known as Vic Chesnutt has passed. While I don't pretend to have known him or even known his struggles, but the world of music has lost part of its soul.

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The Antlers on La Blogotheque!

On 24 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

This is pretty amazing. And eerily kind of festive I think...

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My holidays are a breeze. Yes, you read that right.

On 24 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

So this time of year (yes, its one of those posts, but come on here...) and it is usually either stressful, taxing, exhausting or simply wears you out. Or it just might be a combination of any of those ;-)

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