I have previously posted on husband&wife (yes, there is no space in the band name – it is […]

Whatever you want to call him or do call him – “J. Tillman”, “Josh Tillman”, “Tills”, “J.T.” – […]

Hey, if you haven’t heard….”Magnolia Summer”!   Welcome again kiddies to another installment of “If You Haven’t Heard” and […]

We all know that I love (and I mean love, honour and respect till death we do part) […]

Fields of Industry…kind of like “Captains of Industry” only like with a field, or something with a touch […]

So another quick post, but this one is chalk full of media.  School of Seven Bells is a […]

Part two of the Slowcoustic “Essentials Series” with the phenomenal Shearwater.  While not extensively all mopey singer songwriter […]

Here we go back on board with the “If You Haven’t Heard” posts and the newest installment of […]

It really “kicks in” or starts at about 1:18…and check out more of the above Ohbijou performances over […]

Jihae’s “Best Thing” Video…I miss summer.  Here in Calgary, it is getting colder, darker and wintery.  Although as […]