New on the ‘nets this week

On 22 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

Once again, what is happening, what is new, what is been offered up to the bloggers for consumption?  Let’s take a dip into the deep end shall we? Aquarium Drunkard posted on a...

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Happy Birthday You

Happy Birthday You

On 21 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

Just a Friday teaser.  Enjoy. Jay Jay Pistolet “Always On My Way Back Home” (mp3) from “Happy Birthday You” (Stiff Records) More On This Album Visit his Myspace to order it here, come...

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The future music model – Colby Stead

On 20 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

I can’t say that I know of any more music or “discover” more artists than any other person who is actually looking.  I say this as a good friend of mine Olivier over...

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The Gunshy – I Gave Too Much Time To The Wine

On 19 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

and other collected eps. So received my shiny new CD from The Gunshy last week.  Didn’t you?  If you didn’t, do you have a worthy excuse?  Go on, explain yourself. The Gunshy’s “I...

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Ghost Bees & Laura Barrett

On 18 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

photo taken from Aberdeen show flyer So upcoming concert possibility is Ghost Bees and Laura Barrett here in Calgary on December 4th.  I am still up in the air on participating so I...

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Akira Kosemura + Haruka Nakamura

On 17 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So I am a bit under the weather today and I need something soothing (and possibly more sleep).  In looking over recent acquisitions of the musical variety I have found a soundtrack for...

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