Power Song of the Day: The House That Heaven Built by Japandroids

On 26 April, 2013 by slowcoustic

Even sad bastards need to rock out once and a while. When we do, it is Japandroids.

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Artist Updates: Hayden, Zachary Lucky, and Cam Penner

On 25 April, 2013 by slowcoustic

Get your Canadian content on today at Slowcoustic with Hayden, Zach Lucky and Cam Penner.

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Some Songs EP - Omarandthebear

Slowcoustic goes local: Omarandthebear – Some Songs / Cold Days, Warm Nights EPs

On 17 April, 2013 by slowcoustic

Local Calgary talent Omarandthebear (brothers Oliver and Jonathan Thiessen) provide some great acoustic accompaniment to your Wednesday.

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Documenta Cover

You Should Know: Fred Woods

On 5 April, 2013 by slowcoustic

You Should Know: Fred Woods and his album Documenta. Why? Because this album is dark, beautiful and a complete package.

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Reuben and the Dark

New Video: Reuben and the Dark’s “Winter’s Widow”

On 3 April, 2013 by slowcoustic

New video from Calgary's Reuben and the Dark. Watch Winter's Widow from their upcoming album!

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Donovan Woods performs “Sask” off of new album, Don’t Get Too Grand

On 27 March, 2013 by slowcoustic

New video of "Sask" from Donovan Woods' new album Don't Get Too Grand.

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