The photo above features Matt Jones.  Matt Jones is more or less new to me.  The fact that […]

Ian McGlynn’s music can be described as “lullaby like” and even full of hooks that embrace “warmth” and […]

Very little time today (damn day job getting in the way of things that are important)! I did […]

New blogger co-hort “Adrift On Deep Water” has sent me a recommendation of a band he posted on […]

Sometimes a photo can strike a chord in you and make you understand something that cannot be described […]

Whatever you want to call him or do call him – “J. Tillman”, “Josh Tillman”, “Tills”, “J.T.” – […]

Just a quick peek into the April release from Maria Taylor’s album “Lady Luck” with the advance single […]

I wanted to touch on something that I am sure is discussed many times in the new era […]

Live Mountain Goats.  That’s all. Tallahassee from the Bottom of the Hill on May 26th, 2004 Have to […]

So glad it is the weekend this time.  Long week (in my mind at least) and I just […]

My previous post on Will Johnson brought back the whole Dual Hawks release from last year and the […]

Update to the post below and the Songs for Presidents and the “Of Great and Mortal Men: 43 […]

So have nothing to do this Saturday?  Live at least close to Eastern Seaboard of the United States?  […]

Hey, if you haven’t heard….”Magnolia Summer”!   Welcome again kiddies to another installment of “If You Haven’t Heard” and […]

Well I have done this before and I am sure I will do it again.  Let’s see what […]