It has been a bit of a “off centre” Slowcoustic Weekend.  This isn’t a bad thing, just taking […]

Firekites, you say.   Hmmm…had to add a ” Indie-Pop?? category” in order to post on this Australian quartet […]

So Carl Hauck is the future, eh?  Not to be dramatic, but someone who knows his way around […]

Today I have something in more of a traditional singer-songwriter style…oh wait, that is why you are all […]

So I would like to say that I have discovered this great new band and you should all […]

New releases from many bands and artists hit the proverbial shelves today, September 9th, 2008 (why are Tuesdays […]

Third installment of “If You Haven’t Heard” and once again I bring you gold here people!  Along with […]

So I am sure you can figure out from the title of this post that this group had […]

–<Finally getting around to uploading the sister post of my You Crazy Dreamers write up of a Singer […]

So the name doesn’t roll of the tongue (or maybe it does), but Elephant Micah has been around […]

***Guest Blogger Alert, guest blogger alert!*** The very musically experimental Devendra Banhart has been a staple on the […]

So I am finally posting on Lotte Kestner’s China Mountain, another great album this year which came out […]

With one look at the track list for the new Zephuros album, one gets the impression of a […]

So digging through my CDs the other day in order to find a CD that was not in […]