So I first posted some of the beauty that is the new Jeniferever here.  Now we seem to […]

A friend recommended and sent me a copy of the new Lewis & Clarke’s “Light Time”.  That friend […]

Alexi Murdoch, yes that Alexi Murdoch.  Not just for the teen dramas anymore! Seriously though, a favourite for […]

I have held off on this post for a few weeks due to giving the album a few […]

I was recently reminded of this tribute album from 2004 from a fellow blogger and member (you […]

So I just had a long day and am just beat and…yadda, yadda.  Okay I don’t have a […]

When you hear Sean Rowe start up, you can’t help but picture a gothic version of the South, […]

So this coming Thursday, Calgary get ready – Lightning Dust will be touching down on their recent tour […]

Sled Island is an “annual independent multi-venue music and arts festival” in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: of which I […]

~~ Matthew Ryan “Jane, I Still Feel The Same” (mp3) “They Were Wrong” (mp3) from “Matthew Ryan Vs. […]