Just sitting around in the “war room” of the internet media distribution centre here at Slowcoustic and was […]

When Joshua suggested I listen to his album, I thought to myself – “Oh great, another musician emailing […]

Very nice haunting of the Viennese Hotel Fürstenhof. Ever find yourself wanting for a lonely day, or simply […]

Yes, you read that post title correctly.  John K. versus Nikki Komaksiutiksak with some electronic/looping via Blunderspublik.  Yes, […]

This stuff is the freshest and newest of the new this week – okay that might be a […]

Horse Feathers AND Bowerbirds AND #90.1 – BOWERBIRDS – Bur Oak by lablogotheque For some reason, I always […]

Who are these seemingly over focused gentlemen before you?  Why they are Toronto’s Sunparlour Players.  Don’t let the […]

Don’t forget about the past and things you once loved or enjoyed immensely.  In this fast paced world, […]

Remember the name because she is great.  Remember the name because there is a new album on the […]

It might not just be the color (or colour as I know it…sorry, inside joke) of clouds, but […]

Black Golden Bull from Non Entity Labs.  Yeah, sounds interesting.  I still don’t know who they are really, […]