Not that I am getting on board the Rural Alberta Advantage late, but I am getting on board […]

To my delight, another Canuck has impressed me with his fouray into the making of great music.  The […]

So I get a recommendation – I get a lot of recommendations – but this one was from […]

Going to the BPB concert here in Calgary on Tuesday, March 24th and am getting excited.  Word is […]

So yes, promo emails are currently running rampant in many a blogger inbox.  SXSW must be right around […]

A new tune from Kentucky Nightmare that I am currently enamored with is “Caroline & I” from the […]

The photo above features Matt Jones.  Matt Jones is more or less new to me.  The fact that […]

Hey, if you haven’t heard….”Magnolia Summer”!   Welcome again kiddies to another installment of “If You Haven’t Heard” and […]

Jason Molina.  The man of many faces (or identities at least) in the realm of what many might […]

Tom Brosseau just so happens to be this native North Dakotan pictured above.  Other than being magnificently displayed […]

Just heard some promo stuff for Blue Giant’s debut EP entitled “Target Heart”.  Not too shabby I must […]